Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back to School

Yesterday I set out to do some back to school shopping with just one thing on my list:  A toaster. 

During the proceeding school year, I would stand at the counter cursing my toaster for not toasting fast enough and then curse myself for having a toaster with space for just two slices.

When I'm trying to get all of us to school by 8am, every minute counts and with each of my girls eating two waffles each - my poor old toaster was just not getting it done. 

Every morning I would vow to buy a faster toaster that would hold 4 frozen waffles - yet each day, week, and month passed with the same old toaster on the counter. 

So yesterday, I finally made it happen. I bought myself a new toaster - one that is super speedy and holds 4 slices. Yes. Yes. All of my dreams are coming true.

I then had this coversation with Justin:

ME: I finally bought a new toaster. I'm so excited - it really will save time in the morning.

JUSTIN: Abbie, can you imagine if you lived in a time where you had to make breakfast from scratch each morning?

ME: Why would I want to imagine that?

JUSTIN: I'm just saying that having to wait for your old toaster to make the waffles was not exactly a hardship. You could be waking up, collecting eggs, and grinding wheat to make breakfast for us.

ME: Well, back then - whenever it was that people did that - it wasn't exactly a hard thing to do.

JUSTIN: Why was that?

ME: Well, I think it'd be pretty easy to get up at dawn to make breakfast if you weren't up all night drinking wine and catching up on The Real Housewives.

JUSTIN: You. Are. Incredible.

ME: Thank you.

JUSTIN: I'm not sure I was complimenting you.

ME: You seem grouchy? Did you not eat breakfast? Maybe you could use a waffle? I can make you one right up - In fact, I can make 4  and this little company called Eggo has already done all the wheat grinding for me. I think that's pretty incredible. 

JUSTIN: Okay, I'm done.

I'm just getting started! 

This school year is going to be the best yet. This new toaster symbolizes a fresh start. This is the year I make it look easy. 

This is my favorite part of the school year - the very beginning - where optimism lives. 

Good lucks moms!