Friday, April 8, 2011

My-So-Called-Old-Favorite-TV Show

Something is happening. I can't quite quantify it...but its happening. There has been a definitive shift. Its a bunch of little things that add up to one big reality: I'm getting older and perhaps have even jumped the shark into adulthood. It wasn't having children that made me feel like an adult parent - it was loading them into the mini-van that properly put me in my age bracket. 
  Then last weekend, I put Dr. Scholls inserts into my new platforms. 
  Now this week, as I've been watching episodes of My-So-Called-Life on Netflix, I have discovered its a totally different show than I remember. I used to love Angela Chase. Her adolescent angst was my angst, her crush was my crush (Jordan Catalano, sigh...), her insecurities mirrored by own. Back in 1995, there was no better TV show. I should have left it back in '95. Now I watch it and think "God, why can't Angela just be nice to her mother?!?!?" 


  1. Exactly. I can't even watch it anymore. The whining and the eye-rolling are too similar to my own day now. Also, I used to want to BE Rayanne, and now I just want to give her a stern talking-to about her poor decision-making skills.

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