Friday, March 23, 2012

Sinus Spins

I've really been enjoying the weather. My sinuses, however, long for the winter that really never was. This year winter was mild, but it was just cold enough to keep my allergies at bay.

To make my allergies extra fun this year, I've developed vertigo. I'm stumbling around like a drunk. The world, the horizon, keeps tilting to the right and I keep stumbling left - looking like I just left the bar. I've got the spins but, unfortunately, didn't drink the good time to go with it.

I want to just sit quietly and be alone until the world stops titlting but I've got stuff to do.  Our neighborhood birds must have gotten that stomach bug that was going around, so I have to wash my car.  Since some time had passed since I last took Jack to the car wash, I thought I'd give it another go.

After this experience, poor Jack was traumatized and my head was pounding. I thought maybe we needed a break from each other. 

I was thankful that my monthly Bunco group was meeting that night. Surely no one would think anything out of the ordinary if I was stumbling around as if in a drunken stupor. 

But alas, it wasn't meant to be - my poor head wouldn't stop screaming at me and world was tilting like it was on the verge of some cosmic disaster so I simply took myself to bed. No need to humiliate myself -  if the world was spinning, I needed to be home, warm and cozy in my bed. 

I can surely humiliate myself next month....pending the world is still in its proper place of course.

Spin on spring! Spin on!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Medley

Wanna know what I've been up to the past two weeks? I've been up to my eyeballs in strep throat and the stomach flu - both of which have made their way through our household. Not a lot of time for blogging as I've been sick and busy working as a vomit cleaner/laundry wench/sanitation engineer and nurse. However, I thought I'd share snippets of some posts I started but never really finished....Hey - something is better than nothing! Yes? 

Saturday night I woke up to the sound of Hadley screaming in the bathroom. She had thrown up all over the floor. She had almost, almost, made it to the toilet, but alas, almost isn't close enough. The bathroom was a lake of vomit. Seriously, it was a sloshy mess. I stared at it for a few minutes trying to contemplate a way out cleaning it up. Was there any way out of it? Could I just shut the door and pretend it didn't happen? If I stood there long enough, could I wish it away? Could I cover it in newspaper, ala Adam Sandler Big Daddy style? Turns out, no. There is no way out of cleaning up puke. Or perhaps we could move?

Cameron's doing quite well in re-hab. Thank you for all of your well wishes. We have been encouraged by her progress as she told my mom this weekend, "Grandma, your Diet Coke looks good but I can't have any. They've got me on a program."

I've taken up sewing and along with it, cussing - a lot. I thought I'd spend my birthday money on a sewing machine and save our family ooodles of money by making my own curtains, pillows, and maybe even some cute dresses for the girls. Tonight as I hung the curtains I had made in our bedroom, Justin layed in the bed and refused to comment or make eye-contact.

ME: Well, what do you think?

JUSTIN: I think they are great!!!!! But what do YOU think?

ME: I KNEW it - you hate them!

JUSTIN: I said they were great - Did you not hear me? Are you insane now?

ME: No, I'm not insane, but you're a liar or you're blind. They're about two feet too short. I know you can see it.

JUSTIN: Did you really want me to point that out to you?

ME: You can really tell??? Oh damn it. You could've lied to me!!!!!

JUSTIN: I'm sleeping in the guestroom tonight.

ME: What???? Why??

JUSTIN: Because the curtains in there are by Martha Stewart.

My quest to be a seemstress has turned me into some sort of irrational lunatic . Hmmm - I'm quite certain Martha Stewart is very misunderstood. 

I realize that I could have finished each of these posts, but I think a medley of ideas will do considering the plagues that have brought forth upon my household. Be well blog readers - spring is near!