Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How Charming...

Flashback to 2006......

Me: I really want to buy this house Justin. Its so big - it has 6 bedrooms! Think of all the kids we could fill it with! 

Justin: I don't doesn't have a garage...

Me: Oh who cares about that! Its an old house - its so charming. I want it!!!!

Oh I got it all right. What I got was a mini-van at 7:40am with frozen sliding doors and kids who were going to be late to school. How charming.

What in the hell was I supposed to do?

This was the exclamation point on our morning which included oversleeping, running out of Lucky Charms, and a feather extension getting yanked out by my frantic hair brushing.

Well, cursing and tugging on the doors (all while holding my 30lb toddler man-child) didn't work. 

I put down the man-child and pulled on the front passenger door with all of my Jillian Michael's built strength! Success! 

The girls climbed over the seat and I climbed over with Jack under my arm and got him buckled in his seat. 

After I started the car, it starting beeping like a tractor trailer. Apparently when I had tugged on the sliding doors, I had tugged just enough to unleash them but not enough to open them. The beeping was louder than my kids.

I couldn't push the doors fully open or get them closed - so beep beep beep went the min-van all through the town. AND as an added bonus, because the doors weren't fully closed, the interior lights faded in and out. I felt like I was driving my own personal parade float. The beeping, the lights....I'm quite sure I was on the verge of an epileptic seizure.

We got to school, and yet the doors still wouldn't open so the kids piled out the front door.

As we went beep beep beep all the way home, one door suddenly slid open as I was doing 60 down the highway. Cameron screamed, I screamed, the baby screamed....

We finally got home and I called Justin to tell him about the morning. I really needed some comforting and encouragement.

I got this:

JUSTIN: And THIS is where having that garage would come in handy....Too bad we can't park the car in one of those bedrooms....We're sure as hell not going to fill them with more children...

ME: Well....Well..... Beep-You!


  1. Yup I have had those days too. . .

  2. Hi,

    I'm your newest GFC follower! I'm coming from week 35 of Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop!

    Your morning was hectic!! Oh my I was laughing (sorry)at your story of course intill the part about the door swinging open on the highway!I hope it is now fixed!

    Please feel free to swing by my blog to follow as well!

    Shannon's Tales of Motherhood -



  3. Sounds like you car was possessed maybe it needs an exorcism ;o) Glad ya'll made it home, somewhat okay.

    Following FNFW blog hop. GFC follower now.

  4. This one brought tears to my eyes.