Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome 2014 and Welcome 35.

Birthday Lunch at the Schnitzlebank. 

Gifts that only a mother would love (and I really do): A half-empty hand sanitizer bottle that was wrapped in The Herald. A one dollar bill in an envelope. A paper of scribbles - Jack says it spells Happy Birthday. 

Justin says, "All right kids. Let's all go around the table and wish mom a Happy Birthday and say something nice about her. I'll go first. I love Mommy because she takes such good care of you guys, keeps our house so nice and does my laundry."

Well, that was nice to hear. I like this. Let's keep going.

Cameron says, "I just like having a mom."

My god, this kid is just grateful to have any mother at all. She's not hard to please.

Hadley says, "I like you because you buy me stuff. I don't have any money so I need you."

Ok. Valid point. Next?

Jack says, "I don't like you."

Shit. I should've just let him order the chocolate cake.

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