Sunday, September 4, 2011

Isn't it Romantic

Justin and I are pretty big Harry Potter fans. Loved the books. Loved the movies. We couldn't wait to see the final installment of the series but it was released when we were on vacation so we missed its debut. Fast-forward a few weeks later, and we finally booked a babysitter and made plans to go see the movie.

The movie was to start at 6:40. We arrived in enough time to buy tickets, popcorn and get to our seats. I was so stoked as Justin and I don't go to the movies often. After this date, I'm doubting we'll ever go again.

As we went to buy our tickets we were informed that they yanked the movie from the theater that morning, and it was no longer showing.

We were disappointed but decided we'd just see something else. Justin wanted to see Planet of the Apes, and I wanted to see Crazy Stupid Love. This is where it all goes wrong. 

I could not be persuaded to see a movie about monkeys taking over the world nor could Justin be persuaded to see anything with the word love in its title.

I thought my ace in the hole would be Steve Carrell (Justin loves The Office) who was starring in Crazy Stupid Love, but it wasn't enough. The guy wasn't budging - he was seeing the damn monkey movie.

"Fine," I told him. "I'll see the monkey movie, but I guess I'm just disappointed in you because I feel like a real gentleman would see the movie his wife wanted to see."

Boo-Yah. That did it. Two tickets for Crazy Stupid Love please.

We found our seats directly behind three elderly women whose age was made evident by their bouffant hair. 

Ten minutes into the movie and I'd had enough. Justin didn't say a word but his body language was deafening: There was the slumping, the sighing, the texting, the giving the finger to the screen....

"FINE!" I whispered harshly. "Go see the monkeys."

He didn't need to hear that twice. He was gone and the mother-f*cker took the popcorn with him.

If we were dating, I'm pretty sure this is when we'd break-up. 

But he put a ring on it years ago, so I guess its until death do us part or at least until we go to another movie.

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  1. Serves you right for playing the "Real gentleman" card. LOL