Wednesday, February 15, 2012

They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab.....

If you grew up in Southern Indiana, you can probably remember being young and having your Dad (or perhaps your Mom?) give you a sip of their beer. I think the idea was that you would be so appalled by the taste that you'd never drink again. Or perhaps they just thought young children spitting out beer was funny? In any case....

Since that worked SO well for me, I decided to try it on my kids -  with soft drinks. Since I am a full-blown diet drink addict, I thought maybe I could keep them off the sauce by exposing and, in turn, turning them off the stuff early.

When Hadley was 5, Justin let her have a sip of his Diet Coke. She spit it out and hasn't asked for a soft drink since. She sticks to water. Yes. We are super good parents.

So, when Cameron asked to try Justin's Diet Coke recently, we let her give it a try. She tentatively sucked on the straw...then kept drinking and drinking and drinking. She stopped with a smile. She loved the stuff. Oh damn. Now what?

In the weeks that followed, Cameron asked daily for a Diet Coke to which our answer was always no. I felt kind of bad about it since we were the ones who turned her onto it in the first place....but hey, at least it wasn't beer.

McDonald's Diet Coke is caffeine-free so sometimes, as a treat, we'd let her have it.

We actually rarely buy Diet Coke, but because we were having some good 'ole Diet Coke drinkers over later this weekend, I bought some 2-liters and sat them on the counter. 

Little Amy Winehouse spotted the goods this morning and had a full-fledged melt-down because I refused to serve it to her for breakfast.

She left the kitchen - huddled herself in a quasi-fetal position and cried. Super good parents strike again. 

Shit. This kid was a full-blown addict.

Hadley said, "Mom, I think she just has cravings." Clearly. 

Hadley then promptly turned our toy room into a rehab facility for her sister. I suppose it was really only a matter of time. 

Yes. Super good parents. 

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