Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jack Update

Jack is now 18 months old and I couldn't be more proud of him. He's a super sweet little boy and doesn't make anything all that difficult - aside from going anywhere or doing much of anything of course.

That being said, he's a bit of a brute. I'm pretty sure he could tackle and kill a wild boar with his bare hands, and I'm also quite certain that if thrown into a Hunger Games arena the kid would emerge the victor. He's a bulldozer.

However, he doesn't speak. He doesn't have time. He has shit to destroy - such as our home and everything in it.

Although I can't be certain as to why my child isn't speaking. I do have some ideas. Remember this? 

If you need a reminder - Click Here: Baby 101
While I'm proud that he can nearly climb a tree, I would appreciate if he could ask for milk rather than screeching while I guess what he needs.

True to his inner-neandrathal he primarily communicates through a grunting and pointing. And when very frustrated, he screams until my ears are bleeding and my eyes are crying.

"Jack - what do you want? Do you want that toy? A bow and arrow to shoot that squirrel? Another bat to beat your sister with? No? Oh!! Oh!!! Milk....You just want milk. Fine. Okay - Here. Please stop screaming now. Go back to hitting your sister."

Because his speaking skills aren't quite up to par with his physical skills, Jack will begin working with a speech therapist today....That is if she can lure him down from the roof.

Jack at his first Speech Therapy Session. 

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