Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Greatest Dream.

Well this time I've really done it. I've rubbed my face off. My upper lip and chin look like my son's skinned knees.

If you recall, I'm a hairy beast. Maintaining a hair-free face takes nearly as much work as raising my kids. As referenced in this post [Curse You Sally Hansen], I've spent most of my life in a futile pursuit to rid myself of unsightly facial hair. I've waxed, plucked and dyed, but when I saw this - I thought, "Hey - Let's give give rubbing a try!"

This "works" by essentially rubbing an emory board over your face.
Clearly desperation has clouded my judgment in regards to reasonable ideas.

BAD BAD move. Shouldn't FDA approval be required to sell such things? Apparently this is a "let the buyer beware" type product.  Well, I now have skid marks on my aching face. Let the eyes of any poor beholder now beware - I look like raw meat.

I've had enough. I need a permanent hair removal solution. I also need cash to pay for it. Make no mistake, I'm hairy AND poor. Since my husband doesn't see the necessity for a permanent hair removal solution (I know, I know, the necessity is all over my face) - I told him not to worry about it. I'll find my own money. 

So, I've set up an Electrolysis Scholarship Fund, of which I will be the first recipient.  I think approximately 20 or so people regularly read this blog, and based on my superior mathematical skills, I figure if they all donate 25 cents…I'll have a $5 to put in my electrolysis fund....well on my way to a hair-free future. 

My greatest dream is that the electrolysis scholarship fund will grow and grow until I can offer permanent hair removal for other discouraged women who have also found themselves disfigured by creams, waxes, and dyes.

Let's all work together and we can put an end to the plight and struggles of hairy women everywhere. 

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