Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Potty Time

My mom has been running our church's vacation Bible School since I was a little kid. She loves it, and though I don't share my mom's crazy enthusiasm, I'm willing to help her out. 

I think her long-term plan is to hand over the Bible School duties to me, but unless Bible School can be about a week late and completely half-assed, I think her plan has a few flaws.

This year's theme was A Fishin' Mission and it was held outside. All activities were water-based, and I was excited to get a tan and take some aggression out on my kids by blasting them with squirt guns.

I arrived, well late, and was handed the volunteer sheet (which was made by my mother). 

I was anxious to see my job and hoped that maybe I'd be in charge of the water balloon race or if I was really lucky, the snacks. 

Well, check this out:

Yep, I spent the day being the "Potty Leader" or really the Ass-Wiper. 

Unfortunately, being the "Potty Leader" wasn't much of a departure from my daily life. 
With two of my three children requiring bathroom assistance, I'd probably consider myself qualified for the job.

Being a qualified "Potty Leader" isn't exactly how I saw my life unfolding. Yet ,here I life unfolded in all it's glory  - on a sheet of Charmin. 

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