Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bunco Bound...

I might be a really bad mom. Hadley has her first T-ball game tonight, and I'm not going. Now, you might think that I must have something really super important to do in order to miss this game but no, I'm just going to play Bunco. 

Bunco is a dice game that I play once a month with a group of girls - its kind of a "girls night" type thing. Justin, being a saint of a father, has agreed to haul all three kids to the ball field while I go off a gambling. Yikes, when I say it like that it sounds even worse than I thought.

What kind of a mother does such a thing? Well, I'll tell you. The type of mother who is with her kids all day long, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The type whose day today included getting a haircut with her shirt inside out while a baby with a poopy diaper sat screaming on her lap. The type that doesn't get much of an opportunity for a break and when she sees one, hell, she's smart enough to take it.

Now before you think I'm a monster, I will admit there is something in my heart that breaks a little when I think of her standing at the plate getting ready to take a swing and me not being there to see it, but then I consider that she has eight more games to play and then don't quite feel so bad. This isn't her first year playing, and I didn't miss any games last year, despite being all huge and pregnant, so I'm going to give myself a pass tonight. Hadley won't miss me - her dad will be there with both sets of grandparents. I'm pretty sure she likes all of those people more than me so she's all set.

Hadley runs the bases during a 2010 T-Ball game
while mother cheers wildly in the stands.
Good luck tonight dear Hadley - you'll be great. And Justin - good luck to you too - you're gonna need it - sucker!!

PS. To make sure I'm a shoo-in for the worst mom of the year award, I just had to take a few bucks from the kids piggy banks so I'll have enough cash to play tonight. 

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  1. I stumbled on this blog and thought your title was amusing. This post made me LOL. I had to raid my kids 'toothfairy' money so I could play BUNCO last night and I had to con grandpa with dinner so he would come over to watch the kids because hubby was out of town. Cheers to all those piggy bank raiding 'bad moms' who just need a little girls night out!