Monday, July 18, 2011

From the Road....Fireworks.

In order to vacation, I must spend hours laundering, organizing, packing and readying the house for our departure. Vacationing requires Justin to pack one bag and get in the car.

One week prior to departure...

Justin: I spent $75 on fireworks. I'm bringing them to Michigan. 

Me: What the hell Justin?!?! Do you think you make so much money that we have enough to just set it on fire? 

Justin: It will all be worth it to see their faces. 

He is referring, not to the faces of our children, but rather to the faces of Angie & Ryan Wood, who live in Michigan - where fireworks are illegal. However, the way Justin justifies spending the money, youd think he was delivering food to the starving. 

Two hours into our trip.... 

Justin: Damn it!!! Oh no!! 

Me: What??? What's wrong???? 

Justin: I forgot the fireworks. We HAVE to stop and buy more. 

Then my head exploded.  Ka-f#cking-Boom.

Justin and Jack outside a fireworks store in Martinsville, In.
Shortly after this photo was taken, Jack puked all over Justin - so he was forced to strip down to his white tank top (where I come from, this is called a wife-beater). While shopping in the fireworks store with my husband wearing his wife-beater, the girls started whining for food....And that is how we found ourselves sitting in a Long John Silvers with Justin in a wife-beater holding his bag of fireworks....God Bless America. 

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