Thursday, August 25, 2011

R.I.P. Starfish

We got the girls Beta fish as a bribe for cleaning the toy room. They named them Rainbow and Starfish, respectively.

I prepped the girls regarding their fish's projected lifespan to which they were strangely delighted and dare I say - excited?

They made funeral plans for when their fish would die and discussed how they would decorate their graves. I think they were looking forward to hosting funerals.

So, I wasn't that concerned when we found Starfish belly-up in the bowl. Starfish was Hadley's fish - I should've known better.

She cried (for hours) and blamed herself for not being a good pet owner as she believed she just didn't love him enough.

She also decided that a grave would be too painful look at  - so a good old-fashion flushing would be best. However, now she refuses to use that toilet as it reminds her of Starfish's demise.

She has cleared her room of her stuffed animal fish as they too serve as a painful reminder of her departed pet.

Then as a tribute to Starfish, Hadley said a prayer into a plastic easter egg, sealed it up and placed it inside a cardboard box. She told us that whenever anything dies, she will say a prayer for it into an egg and place it into that box. I'm not sure why she is praying into plastic Easter eggs but last night, I didn't care to ask as her mourning for Starfish consumed most of the evening, and after a few hours of reassuring her that there would be water in heaven for him to swim in, I just wanted her to go to sleep.

Cameron watched Hadley's dramatic mourning of Starfish with a look of mild amusement. She had a half-grin on her face most of the night, and I started to think she might have killed him. I'm kidding. Kind of.

Hadley will be getting a new fish tonight and hopefully that will help ease the pain so she can resume using our toilet.

R.I.P. Starfish - You were a good fish.

Starfish in happier times. 


  1. Oh no! We jinxed you! ;( poor Hadley

  2. We are here for you in your time of need, and Bridget said she found a box of Easter eggs at work today. I have a feeling you may need some for the few years ahead.

    You neighbors, The Kellers

  3. Aww. That first pet loss is always hard. I still remember being so shocked when my budgie died on my 5th birthday. Terrible day. Hi! I am a new follower from the Finding New Friends Blog Hop. Please follow me back and feel free to drop by Horseshoes anytime.

  4. I was wondering if you had separate tanks for the fish? Beta's are fighting fish and if they were in the same tank it is likely that one killed the other. Maybe you can get a new fish soon?