Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Go Away Creepy Pervert!

Justin walked out the door to go to work this morning, was gone for about ten minutes then turned around and came back in. He was outside talking to our neighbor who informed him that there had been a man looking in our windows last night.

I guess we're moving. Anyone buying?

Apparently our neighbor saw the creepy pervert and scared him off. However, my theory is that he saw the toy room and ran like hell. 

So Justin tells me to lock the doors -  then leaves and he won't be back until Friday night! He's going overnight to a family funeral. Now maybe I shouldn't be divulging that he's leaving town, but I'm going to take a leap of faith that the creepy prevert isn't an avid reader of The Kids Made Me Fat. 

I decided I couldn't stay here alone tonight so I called reinforcement.: my 5'2"inch 100lb mother. It was either her or my father, who just recently graduated from cardiac rehab - so the pickings were pretty slim.

My neighbor, knowing I'd be alone tonight, called and offered to bring me a gun. Apparently they have an arsenal of firearms and had one to spare. I passed on that offer as the idea of me with a loaded weapon just seemed like a bad idea. So, instead they brought me a bat, and I booby trapped the back door with the baby's swing and a box of Pampers - so if the creep heads in the house that way - we might get a head start. 

My booby trap.
I could pack up the kids and go stay elsewhere, but that is such a daunting task that I think I'll take my chances with the pervert.

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