Monday, June 20, 2011

Say Cheese

I like smelly cheeses. The smellier the better. I've rarely met a cheese I didn't like. Bleu Cheese, Feta Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, Goat Cheese, and dear old Colby Jack - I love them all. However, I don't always have my favorites on hand, which is for the best because I have a good low-cal alternative - grated parmesan.

I don't even have to eat the real stuff. I like the grated powdery stuff out of the can. I like to eat it with a spoon. I can hear some of you gagging on said spoon but go ahead and gag your hearts out - Its a delicious snack.

Yesterday, while my sister was visiting, I pulled it out of the refrigerator opened it up and dipped my spoon right in. My dear sister was slightly disgusted, but I told her that you really couldn't beat it in terms of a low-cal snack. She looked puzzled and asked, "Isn't that pretty fattening?"

"Well no," I replied. "There are only 100 calories in the whole container. I ate it all through college."

She grabbed the jar from me, which was a ballsy move. She's lucky she still has her hand.

She looks at the label and says to me - "Abbie, this is 10 calories per teaspoon. There are 1000 calories in here - not 100."

Damn it. This explains soooooo much.

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