Monday, April 25, 2011

In Pursuit of a Picture....

"Ok Everybody look here! Come on - Just ONE good shot. Come on girls. Look at Daddy. Cameron - smile! No, honey, your real smile. Hadley!!! I mean it - SIT UP! I don't care if you're uncomfortable. Its just one picture - you are the oldest now SIT UP and smile. OH!!! Look the baby is smiling! Justin - snap the picture!! Look here guys!!!! SMILE! Really??? Why are you crying? Oh just forget it."

Easter 2011.


  1. I literally can almost hear you saying this as I read it...hilarious!!!! Probably because I've heard you say this same thing A LOT!! You are still in pursuit of that perfect, posed portrait session, aren't you? I love that you keep trying!!

  2. I now surrender. Read todays post ;)