Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Stinks?

   There is a lot of talk about poop at my house. My goodness, I've hit the bottom of the blogger barrel here haven't I? No matter, poop seems to be a prevailing topic of conversation in our household.

Hadley, age 2, taking a seat with her stuffed animals on her potty.

Here are the daily poop quips. From my home to yours - with love. 

"Smell the baby. Did he poop?" 
"The baby pooped."
"Do you smell poop?"
"Who pooped?"
"Mommy my stomach hurts," says child. "Do you have to poop?" says Mommy.
"Carry out the poopy diapers"
"There's poop in the litter box."
"Who didn't flush? There is poop in the toilet."
"Cameron, you're such a poop-head!" 
"God, turn on the fan in there - it smells like poop."
"Mommmmyyyyyy, I poooooooped."

I can remember with great affection how Justin and I used to be polite enough not to fart in front of one another. Our comfort level with bodily functions has increased dramatically since those good old gas free days. These days its considered polite to take an extra turn wiping a child's butt. Where did the romance go? Well, what can I say - Sh*t happens. 

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