Monday, April 11, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake!

   When youre carrying 30 extra pounds thanks to a 7lb baby (yeah, the math doesn't quite add up), it takes a little extra effort to dress up. My friend Tiffany was getting married so I planned my outfit with care. There are so many elements to consider - so many problem areas to conceal! :)  The wedding being held in April was a bonus so I wouldn't have to contend with bare arms and legs - I'm not quite ready for that yet.
   I bought a dress I loved (and one that could be easily altered when I lose the weight), paired it with a lace jacket, black tights and black platforms. Then, as luck would have it, the temperature soared to 85 degrees. There was no way I was altering my outfit. I had no other options - last summer I was pregnant, the summer before I was 30 lbs lighter - so this was it. Off to the wedding I went- hot as hell and with my feet screaming for mercy. However, I enjoyed every minute of it. After all, there was cake!

Congratulations to Tiff and Jay!
Photo by Hadley
After scrolling through pictures, it seems our Dogwood tree saw a lot of action this weekend.
The next day, the girls and I decorated the tree with Easter decorations.

Happy Spring Everyone!

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