Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wiping Snot

Jack had a cold, and he had awaken unwillingly from a deep sleep. He was lying on my chest trying to fall back asleep. I tilted my head and saw that his poor nose and face was being consumed by snot. It was thick and really dripping - could he be swallowing it? I needed to wipe it off but then I risked waking him - he was nearly asleep. And, really, what would I wipe it off with? I suppose the blanket would do. If I didn't wipe it, I figured I'd probably need a chisel to get the dried mess off his face in the morning. I couldn't let it dry like that - could I? I could and I would. I wasn't waking him up. Just as I had made my decision, Jack sleepily lifted his head from my chest, turned it slowly and inadvertently wiped his nose - leaving all that snot right on my mouth. Fan-flippin-tastic. Avoid me. I'm contagious.

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