Friday, April 8, 2011


This is how my day began. Well, actually it began with the baby, who at 5:30am decided that he wasn't going back to sleep. But for the purpose of this post, we'll start with the frozen goods in the sink. Why are they in the sink and not in the freezer? Well, because yesterday I decided that I needed a cold Diet Big Red SOOOOO badly that I couldn't wait for the new case to get cold in the fridge. So, I grabbed one and put it in the freezer. The need was so urgent that I put it in the freezer and then promptly forgot about it....until this morning, when I went to grab the waffles and found this:
The kids thought it was cool. A good mom might have turned it into some sort of science lesson. I just cussed a lot. In the midst of the cleanup, the baby needed to be fed and I asked Hadley to help out. She responded with "Why should I have to do it because you made a mess?" She's five. If you need us in say, ten years, look for me in some sort of institution and look her up in juvie. 

While cleaning out the mess, I also found this. 
What the hell is this??? What in the world is Catfish Pork and how did it come to be in my freezer? Husband???? Are you slaughtering pigs, catching fish, blending it up and freezing it behind my back? Thats fine. Enjoy. I just hope you're not using my baby food maker.

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